Isaiah 30 - Trusting the wrong "Shade"

Isaiah 30:1-5

The focus is the alliance between Judah and Egypt and Ethiopia. Remember that Hezekiah typically listened to Isaiah, but when it came to this alliance he chose to listen to his advisors and the Advisors from Egypt and Ethiopia. The hope was to form one large army to destroy the Assyrian Empire. They wanted to escape servitude to the Assyrians; but it was God’s judgment. They had no chance against the Assyrians.

Vs. 6-11 They are swayed by lures and false promises. They reject the hard word from God’s prophets and listen to empty promises and plans that have no chance of succeeding because they are not in alignment with God or God’s plans.

Vs. 12-14 Because they choose to reject and rebel against the Lord’s plans even Jerusalem will be cracked. The “shade” of God that was over them will be replaced by the shade they want from Egypt and it can’t work.

Vs 15-33 Salvation comes from God. He responds to repentance and when His people rest in Him. Unfortunately, they aren’t going to do it immediately. They say they will fight against Assyria, but when the battle gets close they turn tail and run. They will be pursued and beaten until the only ones left are the ones hiding on a mountaintop huddled together like to a flag at a last stand. God’s desire is to show graciousness and compassion. He wants them to repent so they can live in justice with God who always acts according to the parameters of the covenant. When they put their trust in the Lord and get rid of idols of every kind, including their trust in other kings and rulers, then God will restore all things according to His covenant promises.

Trust in God is such a huge deal for us. God wants to be gracious and compassionate to us. That is God's heart. He abides by every covenant promise He has ever made. He will stick to all the blessings and all the curses. He will make sure that His word is always kept because everything He says must do what He intends it to do. Why don't we trust Him? We don't trust Him because we don't choose to trust Him. When we choose to trust other than God the little trust we have in Him becomes weaker. The more we listen to Him, trust and obey Him, the more obvious His hand in our lives becomes, the greater our trust grows. Think of what life could be like for us if we trusted God enough to walk daily in justice, righteousness, and every covenant promise.

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