Isaiah 32 - A Righteous King

Hezekiah was a righteous king but he was wrong to make an alliance outside of the covenant. This is about the anticipation of the messiah, a righteous king who will always be righteous.

Vs. 1 and 2 – The messiah’s rule is characterized by righteousness and justice. The king and his leaders will function according to the covenant parameters, which means provision, protection, and salvation for the world.

Vs. 3 through 8 – These are the results of a righteous reign. People will be able to see, hear, and understand spiritual truth. What did Jesus do and say when he taught. He opened the eyes of the blind. He opened the ears of the deaf. He constantly said, “those who have ears to hear, let them hear.” Also, communication will be improved. It is like a reverse of the power of Babel. Instead of babbling tongues, through the Holy Spirit, people will be able to understand each other.

Fools and wicked people will be seen for what they are and they will no longer have a place in leadership and government. Only noble people with noble plans will be in leadership.

Vs. 9 through 14 – Unfortunately, the kingdom rule of a righteous messiah isn’t here yet. Isaiah has to remind them that there will be a time of suffering before the righteous rule. It is a consequence of unrighteousness. Remember there has to be an uprooting before the new harvest can be planted. Women and children are the ones who suffer the most in times of tribulation. It will be a radical transformation from the time and place of “revelry” that they have been experiencing. But what comes after the suffering is a kingdom that is established in the Holy Spirit.

Vs. 15-20 This is what a kingdom established and ruled by the Holy Spirit looks like. God’s justice and righteousness will be everywhere. Everything is transformed and enhanced. The desert becomes a fruitful field, the field becomes a forest. Everything is improved by a covenant factor.

“My people” is an important phrase. It is a reference to those who are in covenant with the Messiah, filled with the Holy Spirit, and dwelling under His righteous rule. The result is quiet and peaceful places, safety and security, and streams of abundance. There is no worry about predators or attackers of any kind. This sounds like the future kingdom of the Messiah because it really hasn’t fully happened yet.


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