Isaiah 35-The Restoration of Israel

Isaiah 35 – The Restoration of Israel

Vs. 1-2 The rebirth of the land is revealed as the glory of God. There is no separation between Israel flourishing and God being glorified.

Vs. 3-4 The restoration of the land has to do with the return of the Lord. God comes to save them and His presence makes the change.

Vs. 5-7 The presence of God changes everything. Not only is the emptiness of the land restored and made to flourish, but the infirmities of people are healed and they flourish too. Deafness and blindness are equated with a desert that now has water everywhere. The presence of God brings healing in every way to every desert.

Vs. 8-10 This is the royal highway mentioned in ch. 12. There will be some who cannot use the highway, and others can use it. The remnant and the faithful can use it. The unclean and wicked fools have already been identified in previous chapters. Those who enter Zion have joy for many reasons. The land is restored. The wars are over. Most importantly, the glory of God is among them and they are in the presence of God. The highway was made smooth for them and God made it easy for them to walk home.

This marks a time of peace with no threats around them.

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