Isaiah 46 – For Future Reference

Isaiah 46 – For Future Reference

Vs. 1 and 2 – Here is the wisdom of making no graven images of God. What happens when these ancient nations were captured? Their gods, their idols, were paraded in front of them as failures. The gods of the victors were always triumphant. I saw this in festivals when I lived in Kumamoto, Japan. They still had a holiday that had to do with conquering a neighboring country across the sea. They would carry their own gods on shrines In front of the parade, but they would trot effigies of their enemies and their enemy’s gods on horses to be mocked and laughed at. Historically, they would get the horses drunk so it looked even more ridiculous. They gave that habit up in the years preceding my time there. So, here we have the gods of the Babylonians being carried away by the Persians to be melted down for the use of the victor.

Vs. 3-4 God wants Israel to be sure and know that the Persians are acting the way He wants them to act. They are fulfilling the deliverance He promised. He not only knows about it, He made it happen.

Vs. 5-7 In contrast to the idols carried away on beasts of burden, the Lord carriers Israel, not to the trash heap, but into the fulfillment of His plans.

Vs. 8-13 There is something unique about God’s call to remember Him and who He is. In Hebrew it says I am “El” and there is no other. I am “Elohim” and there is none like me. Elohim is the plural of El. Think back to Deuteronomy 6. “Hear, Oh Israel, the Lord is “Elohenu (Elohim)” the Lord is one. There is no one like God. Only Yahweh can be more than one and one at the same time.

There is no one else who can say what the end will be from the very beginning. He is the beginning and the end. His purpose is all that matters and it will happen just as He wants it to happen.

Bringing the bird of prey from the Far East to do His will and deliver Israel should be a reminder to the faithful that God will do things His way. He will save Zion and give Israel splendor because it is through Israel that the whole world will be saved and come to Him through Jesus Christ.

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