Isaiah 47 – Babylon’s Song

Isaiah 47 – Babylon’s Song

Vs. 1-3 Virgin daughter Babylon is a strange term for Babylon. It is a clever way to describe her. Remember that this is a song. The words are betulah bat babel. It is very sing songy. Betulah is a general term for a single girl. It doesn’t necessarily mean virgin. The context has to be applied. In fact, as the song continues it infers that this young girl is not a virgin. In vs. 3 her nakedness and shame are exposed. The big idea here is that Babylon was a ruler and is now a slave. It was once the capital of luxury and now it is dirty and course.

Vs 4 Yahweh Sebaowt – Yahweh God of Hosts, The Holy one of Israel – is the redeemer. There is no difference between Yahweh, the God of angel armies, and the Holy one of Israel. The three in one saves and redeems.

Vs. 5-15 The arrogance of Babylon shows up a couple of times. Nebuchadnezzar takes credit for what God did through him and he is cursed to an animal state for several years. Belshazzar, in defiance of the siege, has a party with holy instruments from the temple. God writes on the wall and declares his fall. In the song Babylon declares herself to be god. “I am there is none besides me.” The counterfeits of supernatural power, magic, witchcraft, fortune telling, astrology are her proof that she is god, but she wasn’t wise enough to see that she would fall in a single day. No magic power can prevent what happens, and no fortune teller could predict it. God, Yahweh, decides and it is.


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